On my way to go home now. Hell, and it says the bus is going to Seremban as well.

What the heck.

And I'm supposed to have single seat. How the heck am I in a double seat now? And how the heck did the bus become a double decker now?!

Huh. PlusLiner. Almost always got issues with them. 

Prefer Transnasional actually, but they don't offer lots of time options.

Huh. God. I don't have lots of options do I?

Actually I do.

Hell, of course I can quit if I wanted to.

As for why I haven't actually done it...

It's because of those strings attached when you're an adult. Lots of things you need to consider now that you've got more responsibility.


How can I live freely?

Of course I know the answer to that. Get enough money, buy a house to rent out, and live off that money. Then you can do what you want.

It's a matter of preseverence.


God. God. God.

You know so well I don't wanna do this. Oh God You know.

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